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04-04-2013, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
dude that jvr play happened at a ridiculous speed and with that accuracy, considering most of those just either don't get lifted or go over the net, it wasn't a must save. that was a pretty good game by everybody. believe me, i aint ever forgetting that freak fest of a performance last night (the whole game was ruined for me by that one goal) but i love this team and he's our goalie. forget that cap hit for now and just watch the game. were winning. we might just pull this outta our *****. and we got mason now so i aint gonna bit ch to bit ch.
The JVR play didn't really happen at an incredible rate of speed. Bryz knew he had to guard the post, Bryz was on the post, he just got lazy and left the top corner completely unprotected, didn't close down the angle, and he got beaten. Simple mental lapse / lazy play.

Too many mental lapses from a supposed #1 goalie. I literally cannot wait for Mason to get his first start so that we can compare Bryz with another guy who at least at one point had enough skill to be a legitimate starter and who is still young enough to be in his prime. It's easy to make Bryz look like a world-beater when the other options are Boosh and Leights. Now let's see what happens when Mason takes the net.

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