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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
If our goalie consistently played well for a full season, I doubt many would have anything to complain about. The last time we had a goalie play lights out during a full season was Boucher's rookie year.
And you think it was entirely a result of Boucher's talent that he seemed to you to play well that whole year? Did Lemelin ruin him?

What happened?

Originally Posted by WeekendAtBernies View Post
The JVR play didn't really happen at an incredible rate of speed. Bryz knew he had to guard the post, Bryz was on the post, he just got lazy and left the top corner completely unprotected, didn't close down the angle, and he got beaten. Simple mental lapse / lazy play.

Too many mental lapses from a supposed #1 goalie. I literally cannot wait for Mason to get his first start so that we can compare Bryz with another guy who at least at one point had enough skill to be a legitimate starter and who is still young enough to be in his prime. It's easy to make Bryz look like a world-beater when the other options are Boosh and Leights. Now let's see what happens when Mason takes the net.
It is also easy to look bad when you have a defense in front of you that is average at best when fully healthy, and in their present condition it is a wonder Bryz can win any games at all. He was possibly the only guy on the team that nobody had a bad thing to say about to start this season. I don't find it odd at all that he has looked worse as the team in front of him has deteriorated over the course of this season. It doesn't make the goaltending the team's big problem.

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