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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Seems another self congratulatory Pens thread ahead of its time to me.
I like Shero a lot for sure, and clearly he showed once again that when he has options and decides to go for it, he can really land his priorities.

But it IS about results, and this years post-season will mean a lot also for Shero. More so for Bylsma who has been given pretty much a dream roster, but he is Shero's guy. Dan has no excuses but to succeed (go REALLY deep) this year, but if he does not, that will also reflect on his boss.

Not trying to be Debbie Downer, but Disco scares me as much as he did before the season started.
Shero's job is safe. I would have argued otherwise at the start of the season, and I thought the Morrow and Murray moves did nothing to change my stance.

However, the second he landed Iginla, he secured his job. I don't see how Mario and/or Burkle could look at the roster after an early elimination and say "We lost because our lineup sucked"

Unless Shero is one of those tragically loyal guys who doesn't care a lick about self preservation, Bylsma will be gone.

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