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Originally Posted by Calculon View Post
Of course they wanted to play together. And yes, I read about their agent providing them with options to circumvent the draft so they could stick together. But they didn't do any of that. In order to wait out their contracts, they would have had to move to North America and join a junior hockey team, which they didn't want to do. So they entered the draft thinking they'd likely play for different teams.

But 'heavily entertaining the notion of playing together' isn't the same thing as 'publicly publicly announcing that they wouldn't play for different teams'.

From an interview with the Sedins:
Fair enough, I had a bit of hyperbole in my statement but I still feel that the moves Burke made were over-the-top (not bad moves, just excessive) but he at least did a good job obviously of guaranteeing his team the players he wanted instead of leaving it up to chance. The twins were always going to play in the same place eventually but to get them at the Draft was more impressive.

Wish Calgary could do the same with the 1st overall and transform them both to 2nd and 3rd overall this season. A fan can dream...

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