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Originally Posted by sparxx87 View Post
Zajac isn't 33 and signed for 9 more years. He's 27 and signed for 8 more. Huge difference.

Luongo signed for 3 or 4 more years is a valued asset. A lot can happen to a 33 year old over the next 9 years.

Luongo is a good goalie with a horribly unattractive contract. I'm not sure why that's so difficult for some to grasp.
It's a horrible contract for a team who isn't ready to compete or is not in the financial situation to absorb his contract. Leafs do not fit either criteria. Fact is, Zajac is an average second line center making nearly 6M. A 5.3M starting goalie is nothing substantial when you put the contract into perspective.

Originally Posted by MentalPowerHouse View Post
Yup 0 teams traded for those players, and 0 teams traded for Luongo. So we both agree, no teams agreed to the asking price. So yeah if you want to pick out 1 team in the league to bash for not trading for them I will again point that 0 teams traded for them so its unreasonable to bash 1 team.

Again if the hypothetical deal was on the table, and the leafs declined, then hypothetically no team matched or surpassed the deal either.

5.3M is not alot for a starting goalie, its a lot for a backup which is what Luongo currently is.
I just proved that it is wrong to hypothetically claim that no team matched or surpassed the deal either. Another assumption that you have made, when I have repeatedly called you out on it. There may have been teams with better offers or offers that are as good, but the Canucks do not want to face Luongo for the next 5 years in the same division. Additionally, no other teams may have matched the price or surpassed because they are not ready to compete and cannot absorb the contract. The Leafs do not fit either criteria as I have stated above, they CAN absorb the contract with ease and are eager to get in the playoffs.

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