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04-05-2013, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
If Orpik continues to struggle in the playoffs I'm 100% for trading him this summer while we can still get value for him. Him + Jokinen for example, might yield us a 1st round pick at the draft. Both have their good points, both under contract another year. Could be useful to a younger team looking for a veteran presence.
Originally Posted by Malkinstheman View Post
Yeah, i would really be surprised if shero doesnt push for a first/second round pick. To much talent to wait till the third round. Although I could have seen orpik getting a first during the deadline, i dont think shero wanted to deplete our defence more.
I don't really care if it's a package deal of Orpik + Kennedy or Oprik + Jokinen/Jeffrey to get a first rounder, or multiple deals for each of Orpik/Kennedy/Jeffrey, and perhaps even the rights to guys we can't re-sign (Murray, Morrow) and get multiple assets back. We've traded away a lot of assets and the more we can get back, the better. I would be happy to take a 2nd + a prospect or another '13 or '14 pick for Orpik, and would be happy with a 2nd/3rd for each of Kennedy and Jeffrey, if we decide to move the latter. I think rights for Morrow/Murray would be worth late rounders, but some late rounders pan out. The more often you can roll the dice, the more likely you are to get something.

Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
For next season, IF we keep Martin then we would definitely need to part with Orpik. We would also need to dump someone else, as well (with the hope we can re-sign Iginla). Niskanen may also have to go. Engelland is dirt cheap, so I'd keep him around as a No. 7 or 8 blueliner. It doesn't really do much for us to get rid of him, unless someone really wants him and gives up something of quality.

It would still probably be easier to trade Martin, both from a cap standpoint and because we could fairly easily get back a first rounder by moving him. Yes he has been great for us this season. Yes we look like a mess without him. But sooner or later, we're going to have to learn how to cope without him. Might as well start next season. Besides, maybe the biggest reason why we look like a mess again is coaching, perhaps even moreso than the lack of Martin, Letang or even Crosby for that matter.
While I agree that it may be easier to trade Martin, that's also because he's BY FAR the better player, which is why we need to keep him. Moving out Orpik + Kennedy takes away more salary than Martin makes alone, and it would leave us with a better team. Orpik also has only 1 year remaining on his deal, whereas Martin has 2. That means that Orpik's value is going to decline much more quickly, whereas we have a longer window in which to use Martin as a tradeable asset over the next few years.

Also, once some of our young guys are ready, I could see us moving Niskanen and re-signing/extending Martin to go along with Letang as the leaders and "veterans" of our defensive group going forward long-term. Martin brings an offensive element to our team that is more unique and will be needed (at least until Pouliot and others are more than ready), and his "soff" style of play makes it more likely that he'll be effective in his later years, unlike Brooks. Also, Martin can play either side, which makes him more versatile. In short, and for a number of reasons, it's a NO BRAINER, IMO, to keep Martin over Orpik going forward.

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