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08-21-2006, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob ******** View Post
I just check the "Dumont talk" thread and found out 39 pages of reply about the subject. I really start to wonder about the fans frenzy over scorer wanabe. 39 pages for a guy who never put more then 23 goals in a given year?
I thing about that during the week-end (I have a really big lawn so a lot of time to thing about those stupidity) and I sum up all this crazy talk in what I named the "John Leclair" syndrome.
Every body know John Leclair story, the guy was trade to Philly during is fourth year with the Habs, scoring 19 goals during is last two year and BANG! Score 50 goals in is next 3 years (playing with Lindros and Primeau on the "Legion of Doom" line have nothing to do with it...). So everybody get piss off about it and we all develop the new syndrome describe as is:

Syndrome, "John Leclair":
The syndrome start in every Habs fans when the Habs GM trade a player and/or a personel member of the team to another team and everybody think he will become the next Wayne Gretzky.
Symptom: lose of sleep, lots of rabid type drooling and hard time stoping all those open line radio calling...

Here is some exemple where Habs fan develop the John Leclair syndrome and the end result of the trade:

- Eric Chouinard trade:
Result: Trade back to the Phoenix and sign with a unnamable Russian club...

- Jozef Balej trade:
Result: Trade to the Canucks for the Federov brother. Play 18 games in the NHL and score 1 goal. Big deal...

- Andre Savard resign:
Result: Nothing yet, but some think the Penguin will win the cup this year...

- Dumont will sing elsewhere:
Result: Nothing yet but some think he will score 40 goals next year and we will end up in 30th place because of that.

So what can we do to prevent any other spreading of the syndrome? Pills? A new GM? Sign every player who are free? Resign John Leclair?
Please help me stop the pain and give Habs fan a reason to dream...

Bob *******, MD.
Before that it was the Langway Engblom trade, the Mark Hunter trade and the Chelios trade. BG finally won one for the Habs with Huet.

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