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04-05-2013, 12:03 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnHodgson View Post
It's a horrible contract for a team who isn't ready to compete or is not in the financial situation to absorb his contract. Leafs do not fit either criteria. Fact is, Zajac is an average second line center making nearly 6M. A 5.3M starting goalie is nothing substantial when you put the contract into perspective..
Its the term, not the cap hit.

The Leafs obviously don't want Luongo very much. If they did, he would be a Leaf. Gillis called Nonis several times leading up to the deadline. Each time his price dropped and each time the Leafs declined...

Gillis needs to stop trying to save face. Nobody wants to make a hockey trade for Luongo. Luongo himself admitted his contract sucks... Save your owner money, free up cap space for your team and get rid of him.

Luongo + 7th for 7th is probably something Nonis would strongly consider.

The Canucks window to win is now and that 5.3m isn't helping them win a cup sitting on the bench.

Love seeing Gillis caught with his pants down.. Serves him right after all he BS he's been feeding the media throughout this whole debacle. 4-5 teams are in it? My ass.

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