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Originally Posted by JohnHodgson View Post
At this point, most of your rebuttals are extremely weak and cannot even be responded with. I am hypothetically speaking that if Nonis had a deal that was Scrivens and 2 2nd round picks, he would have been an idiot to reject the deal. I am not assuming that there was a better offer from a team within the division, I am simply providing a counter argument towards your assumption that "there was no offer that matched or surpassed the deal". I am providing a counter-argument, not making an assumption. Let's get that straight. I highly doubt there was an incredible offer from the conference that the Nucks rejected, but I am saying it is unfair to say there was no offer that was matched or surpassed.

However, the same point I have been reiterating for the past 3 pages, if Nonis was presented with this deal, he should have taken it without thinking twice.

Leafs are one of the few teams that can absorb the massive contract, ready to compete, and seeking for consistent goaltending for several seasons. If James Reimer was so amazing, why did Nonis want to acquire Kippursoff at the deadline? It is obvious Nonis and co. does not have a huge amount of trust for James Reimer (evident by the desperation of a goalie who did not want to leave Calgary and is having a horrid year).
You seem to be making the assumptions, that the Leafs wanted Kipper for their #1 over Reimer rather than mentor, or that they wanted him at all. That the leafs want Luongo at all. That any team wants Luongo. That the leafs don't trust Reimer, yet have made no moves for a goalie.

I am not assuming anything at all, just putting it out there that 0 teams paid 2 2nds + middle prospect (Scrivens) for Luongo. Is that not a fact? To bash the Leafs for not paying that price, when 0 teams were willing, or atleast half the teams if Vancouver wouldn't consider in conference, is not reasonable. That is all I am saying.

The other major point I i bring up is pointing out that Reimer and Schneider are rather equivalent players. Their current year stats are almost identical, with Reimber being 2 years younger, with their career stats not significantly different.

If there was a poll, Schneider vs Reimer, I would pick Schneider. But if I was a GM I would be happy with either as my future in net.

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