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check out City Celler downtown or Sherbrooke Liquor in the west end - better craft/fancy beer selection than anything i've ever seen in my many years in Toronto - so much good stuff, even my pals in vancouver can't believe some of it.


in summer there are two awesome Farmer's Markets that i know of - one outdoors on 104th street every satuday AM/afternoon and then the Old Strathcona Market

Events etc.

MADE in Edmonton is a local urban/design/planning/architecture events etc. type of thing. if you're into urban issues at all they have good speakers and events sometimes

It's pretty glossy but Avenue Magazine sometimes has "going on" type stuff worth checking

also Edmonton's version of The Grid in Toronto is Vue Magazine - for music/art/theatre/etc. shows and off the beaten path stuff etc.


as noted by others Whyte Ave in general has shops etc. and some decent food pubs

124th street downtown has some of this too

104th street downtown has some of this too

Jasper Ave is really long and has some deadzones as well but def some places to grab a bite or hang out

118th Ave and 97th Street (china town) take a lot of crap becase they're in or near higher crime areas but they have great food options as well

Wunderbar is also a decent pub and has live music every night (usually just local stuff but hey..)

Leva is a good coffeeshop but basically on campus so a student crowd if that matters

If you're into music it's a lot different from TO - mostly due to geography it is hard to get as many acts up here but there's lots to do around the city otherwise..

if you want shopping recs i can do that too, same with some design-y type things and even a wee bit of interesting architecture

I'll let the rest of these guys give you donair and steakhouse type place recommendations cause i'm an amateur in that department

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