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04-05-2013, 02:05 AM
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Here is the problem - I know it's only one game but tonight Roy looked like everything Kesler hasn't been in the last year.

Especially since he is coming off a major injury that didn't allow him to skate, Kesler is going to be out of hockey shape. If we have any brains at all we'll ease him in as 3C. If we really want him to be on the 2nd line we should put him on the wing.

I really believes Kesler can be a Selke/40g scorer again. But he has to be accountable and even after he was called out by AV last year he didn't adjust his game to compliment his linemates.

Ok, he was hurt - that would have made becoming a playmaker an even more effective adjustment. But he didn't do it. At some point you have to stop gifting the guy the 2C spot. I mean, he comes back from surgery and is instantly given 20+ minutes a night...even when he played poorly?

Yeah yeah, he is beastmode blah blah blah. We haven't seen that player since the 2010-2011 playoffs., and we're NEVER going to see him again if we let him be selfish and force him into his normal minutes right away. We're just going to see him get reinjured.

If Roy keeps going the way he is, you can see that he is a great facilitator. Offensively he makes the entire line better. Obviously because of his size he's never going to be the 2-way force Kesler has been in the past but he still puts in the effort on both ends and he made a lot of great hand-eye defensive plays with his stick tonight.

I don't see any logical argument why Kesler should be the 2C as soon as he gets back. He hasn't earned it, nor has he shown it at all last year either save on special teams.

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