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04-05-2013, 04:24 AM
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Biggest Steal(s) of the draft: Bernie Geoffrion, dont know why he gets taken after Kurri and Charlie Coancher
Biggest Reach(es) of the draft: Konstantinov, its just too soon for him and I loved the guy! HM: Laraque and Högosta.
Smartest/best strategic pick in the draft: hmm... VanIs double drafting of Weiland & Aurie
Biggest blunder selection of the draft: Drafting Laraque.. I mean wtf?
A Player finally getting respect in the draft: No idea
A player always taken too high, finally getting picked where he should in the draft: No idea
A player you've discovered in this draft: Didnt really discover anyone per se.
Most underrated player taken: In my experience, euros, specially those who are claimed to be soft and one dimensional or the ones that didnt play much or at all in the NHL.
Most overrated player taken: Most modern players...
Favorite scoring line of the draft: Michel Goulet - Wayne Gretzky - Bernie Geoffrion
Favorite checking line of the draft: Herbie Lewis - Cooney Weiland - Larry Aurie
Best assembled line of the draft: Aurele Joliat - Howie Morenz - Jack Walker
Worst assembled line of the draft: Metz - Malkin - Mayorov
Favorite pairing of defensemen: Hod Stuart - Earl Seibert
Most puzzling pairing of defensemen: Kelly - Grant
Team in the other conference it'd be interesting to meet in the finals: Velos or Overpass teams are intresting to me
Team in the other conference you wouldn't want to meet in the finals: I wouldnt want to meet their teams tho

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