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Originally Posted by cgf
I just look at a lineup that could start next season with
X - Duchene - Parenteau
Landeskog - O'Reilly - Downie
McGinn - Stastny - Jones
Bordeleau - Mitchell - Olver/McCleod

X - EJ
Hejda - Barrie
O'Brien - Wilson


With an AHL team being lead by Sgar, Hishon, Pickard and a Siemens-Elliott pairing, as well as a top 3 pick in this draft coming our way. And a GM who's shown a nack for finding very fruitful small trades to fill out guys around the core, makes it tough not to be optimistic, as long as Sacco is replaced by a capable coach.
It's hard to get too excited when you post basically the same line-up that is struggling to win games this season.

But, as i said before, we can be glad about the NHL parity. With a little luck, this same team might be in the playoff bubble again next season. Maybe even get in this time, if we are really luck.

Originally Posted by RobinDIF View Post
I may not agree with you 100%. But it's nice to see at least one Avs fan on this board who doesn't think we are the laughing stock of the NHL and have the worst roster in the league.

With some of the pieces we actually sit on, I'm suprised so few are actually positive about the Avs future
Unfortunatelly, it's not just Avs fans on this board who thinks the Avs are the laughing stock of the NHL, many people around the NHL also think that. And with good reason.

From the bad asset managment, to the ROR fiasco, and the bad mouthing of many ex-players, and even the bad mouthing of player's dads (LOL!), to the Matt Freaking Carkner fumbling (LOL!). There are plenty of reasons to laugh at our team, unfortunatelly. And i didn't even mention the fact that we are last in the NHL standings.

Originally Posted by RobinDIF View Post
I'm just sick of all the whining... Chicago had one playoffround in 10 years. Sometimes a re-build just takes time.
And i'm tired of all the losing and all the excuses for failure. Chicago was also a laughbale NHL franchise, like the Avs is now. A rebuild shouldn't take 10 years like Chigaco's, it had a lot to do with BAD MANAGMENT.

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