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04-05-2013, 06:10 AM
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The idea that a Stanley Cup, Jack Adams winning coach is unable to adapt to or at least make the most out of players who play a differing style than he would prefer is preposterous.

If we start going down that line of thinking, next thing you know people will be asking if it is possible Torts uses the lines, positions, ice time, in order to drive certain players he does not like off his team regardless of their past success, or what may make them successful at present.

If that were even remotely true, there would probably be questions put forth about other issues. Like asset management, if they Rangers are getting equal value back for the players Torts indirectly jettisons. Who is selected at the draft with the notion of what type of player may or may not fit in with the coaching regardless of talent. Which free agents pass on the Rangers because of the coaching prejudice towards only a select few types of players. How it would effect the Rangers options pertaining to trades.

It is silly to even consider it.

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