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04-05-2013, 06:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Booba View Post
Anyone knows if the Habs have 4 years or 2 years to sign Pribyl?

Found this :

Not sure if this applies to players drafted before the CBA
Originally Posted by montreal View Post
I heard 2 years but I was hoping for 4 as the extra time to work on his skating would benefit him.
He will always have to work on his foot speed and skating to remain a pro.
Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
Yeah but isn't the fact that he's in the Czech one of the reasons for his poor skating? The sooner he is with us to develop that part of his, the better right?
The Habs are acutely aware after the summer camp last year and I believe they will want Danny here training and playing in Hamilton,hands on operation.
Originally Posted by Shutdown View Post
Right, but if we did have two more years before signing him, that's 2 more summers of getting him here for development camps to work with him and give him things to work on throughout the season.
Watching the improvements he's made since last summer,I hope warrants bringing him over.Having Pierre Allard working on his conditioning as well as their Skating coach will certainly speed up the process.
Originally Posted by Fozz View Post
Not sure. There's been a lot of excellent skater to come out of that part of the world. I'm sure they have very capable skating instructors there.
That's true but having him playing in the system and learning to adjust his skating technique,in the Habs backyard so to speak,can only be the smart move in developing good habits.Not only this but playing in our arena's his learning in all areas will come together smoothly and much quicker.He already speaks more than passable English and playing in the NHL is his life's dream,as he told us fans when he was drafted.Given the tools to work with Danny could surprise many and be ready in 2-3 yrs.just my humble opinion.
Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
You'd think so but all I keep hearing is that a lot of Czech prospects seem to have problems with skating or speed. Just what I've heard.
There is so much talent with the Czech's,their government should be assisting the development of their youth.
Originally Posted by DekeLikeYouMeanIt View Post
Czech league development in general has been horrible for the past 5-8 years.
It hasn't always been this way like you say,the capitalist reform hasn't taken the toll to the economy created.
Originally Posted by QuebecPride View Post
Yup, they're getting bumped by Slovakia. The Czechs weren't there at the U-17.
Slovakia's pride for such a smaller population they insure their Child Program's are kept up with other countries with far bigger budgets.
Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
The fact Pribyl hasn't been brought into Hamilton is not a good sign for his future in the org, IMO...

Ditto for Walsh.

(Prepares for backlash from their fans).
I think not it seems that Bergevin's signings are being taken care of quickly and as efficiently as time permits,as in time they too will have their opportunities as pros.

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