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04-05-2013, 06:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
Import levels in the EIHL need to be reduced, it's as simple as that (not having that debate in here though, take it to the EIHL thread).
I don't think it needs to be taken to the EIHL thread because a reduction in import levels in the EIHL would have a direct impact on the quality of Brits in the EPL. Even with import levels as they are there are comments leaking out of the Steelers organisation with regards to a 'crisis' with their Brits not being good enough and suggestions they may have to dip their toe into EPL water to fulfill their needs.

Lower the import levels and the EIHL is more appealing to clubs like Basingstoke and Manchester to come back up....
Whilst at the same time making the hockey less appealing to many fans of current EIHL teams.

Also it of course develops British players.
Does it? If the current 'need' for Brits in the EIHL is anything to go by an increased requirement will just push the wages up of even more mediocre British players who become 'valued' purely by grace of their nationality. This'll lead to an arms race such as we already have for the likes of Clarke, Myers, Meyers, Lachowitz, Murphy etc but for any Brit who can lace his own skates up, pricing out the smaller teams even more.

Its simple supply and demand.

- NA produces lots of hockey players, lots of supply.
-UK produces few hockey players, low supply.
- League imposes restrictions that mean high demand on low source of supply.
- Costs go up.

Not sure how much simpler the folly that is the belief 'reducing imports=cheaper' can be disproved.

Supply and demand, it makes the world go around.

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