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04-05-2013, 08:11 AM
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I'm glad Marian Garbage is gone. He was a disgusting lazy bum on the ice and after finding out about the arguing and problems that were going on between him and Torts now it is very clear.

That is pretty crappy that he would do that to the other players on the team who give 100% every time they are out there. You think McD & Girardi who give everything they have when they are on the ice want to lose a play off spot because a spoiled Euro bum wants to play primadonna and do nothing? You think Staal wants to rush back from his injured eye to help the team when there are players who purposefully sabotage the team winning?

**** that bum I am glad he is gone. Next move Richards needs to wake up and get his play back and maybe we can get something going.

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