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04-05-2013, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Lansdown View Post
Why should CBC give them equal exposure?
What is the point of a public broadcaster, then? Didn't Canadian taxpayers say that the CBC should be there to report on Canada as a whole? If yes, then why am I and every other Canadian that don't live in Southern Ontario sending taxes to support a public broadcaster that acts like a private broadcaster driven by numbers and, ultimately, profits? Let Toronto taxpayers fund this "public" Toronto-centric CBC, then.

I would love getting rid of the CBC altogether and getting my taxes back. I don't believe in public broadcasting.

Originally Posted by Lansdown View Post
Is this the same philosophy behind having more rural ridings with smaller populations in federal politics? You don't think coverage should be roughly in proportion to the population of the country that would be interested? (Whether it actually is is another question.)
No and no.

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