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04-05-2013, 07:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Leman Russ View Post
Change the avatar or at least the jersey in the avatar or at the least, bag the avatar and we can talk.
I don't know man. Dude asked a simple question about our town that he hasn't been to, and you give this as a response.

Anyways, @ LordSithis...if you're coming to Edmonton for the summer, there are a number of outdoor festivals that are really done well. If you're into tunes, there are a couple of good blues/jazz festivals, theater, there is the Fringe on Whyte avenue, a taste of Edmonton (you buy tickets and get food from a whole whack of different restaurants), street performers festival....etc etc.

We have a lot of stuff happening in the summer. Golf is big around here if you're into that, and depending on which style of music you like, there are usually a few really good bands coming through at both Rexall as well as various music joints/bars.

Edmonton is actually pretty sweet in the summer time. Winters suck though (if you're a summer type person like myself).

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