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04-05-2013, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by KingStian View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but he's a restricted free agent after the season, right? The Rangers organization will retain his right as long as they qualify him with an offer, if he chooses not to accept the terms of the contract offered. But can't another NHL team offer him a better deal, and then Rangers has to offer him the same terms to retain him.

Say for argument sake that the organization offer him a one year, two-way deal worth 1.2 million a year. If then say Detroit comes in and offer him a two year, one-way deal woth 2.5 million a year, and he accepts that, then they can keep him by offering him the same deal, or else they will have to let him sign with Detroit.
Yes, if he were to sign an offer sheet, the Rangers would have to decide whether to match the offer sheet or let him go and receive whatever compensation based on the amount of the contract. I don't see anyone giving him an offer sheet though. And if they do, it probably won't be enough to get us anything of signficance in terms of compensation.

Hopefully we'll re-sign him. He's playing well and I see no reason why he would be demoted any time soon. That should be enough to earn him a 1-way deal next year.

I believe he is still under contract in the KHL, though he has an out clause. So he can still return there if things don't work out here. He hasn't given up any money yet, but I can't imagine that the Rangers will give him as much as his KHL team will.

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