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04-05-2013, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by howeaboutthat View Post
Which requires infastructure does it not?

Back home I have 6 'hockey only' rinks within a 30 minute drive, plus many more multi-use facilities. You are an on-ice official aren't you? How much travelling do you have to do to get to various rinks, how easy is it for any 'junior development' system you've encounted (no matter how well run) to secure decent ice time?

I've yet to find an ice rink in the UK where ice hockey coaching of any level takes precedence over twirlers and zoomers.
Yes but the capacity utilisation of the current infrastructure is well below what it could be. Put competent people in charge of the governing body, proper development and guidance for coaches and officials and so forth. Infrastructure is not an excuse anymore, nations with less rinks and less players than us can produce NHL players but we cannot, so obviously we are doing something wrong.

Yes I'm an official based in Reading. I can get to Bracknell, Slough and Basingstoke in less than 30 minutes. I can get to Oxford, Swindon and Guildford in less than an hour. Brixton and Gosport would be pushing it, depending on traffic.

Hockey takes priority in Swindon. The GM Steve Nell buys the ice time for hockey from the council, he set up the Okanagan Hockey Academy there and basically said **** you to the figure skaters and bought all their ice time. Oh the irony when they were in the local paper complaining the hockey players took their ice... Just shows all it takes is someone with a vision to take the initiative and progress will be made. I am sure OHA will produce many good players over the next few years.

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