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Originally Posted by Libbs View Post
You missed Krazy's point.

Something of this magnitude you don't just "shrug it off and walk away". It's not like someone accused them of staring at someone else's girlfriend. You're talking about major sanctions that are severely punishing your franchise and handicapping it for the next foreseeable future.
It's not a court of law, you're facing the board of governors of the 19 other teams, most of which hate your guts already. Let's also remember why Rychel and Boughner bought the team - Rychel so he could control Kerby's OHL years and Boughner both as a retirement nest egg and to leapfrog up the coaching ranks. What end game do you want in their fighting it to the bitter end? Drag it out in court for a year plus and keep it in the news? Rychel at the time believed that they'd still host the Memorial Cup - they agreed to the settlement because it was all for show - the fine was a non-issue because the Mem Cup hosting would more than cover that, and the first rounder - well Warren thought this years team would be a contender and it would be in the 12-18 range.

The Johnson charge ended any chance though - the case will hit the courts in eight months, and if Johnson is convicted it would be a huge story of a Junior A/CHL player found guilty of **** and Spits would be under the microscope in a major way - and OHL can't risk their Mem Cup host team to that scrutiny, especially when the Spits have a whole lot of skeletons hidden that would be dredged out in any trial.

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