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Originally Posted by RobinDIF View Post
I'm just sick of all the whining... Chicago had one playoffround in 10 years. Sometimes a re-build just takes time.
If we are trying to draw parallels with Chicago, what turned them around was not patience with a re-build it was a 180 degree change in ownership, in the front office, in the culture of the organization and changes in the operating model, relationship with the fans, how the club was marketed and it's commitment to winning.

Under the previous owner fans experienced one of the longest Stanley Cup droughts in the NHL and among the longest in professional sports. At one point they were designated by ESPN as the worst sports franchise and had completely alienated their fan base. Everything started to change for the better when Bill Wirtz passed away and his son Rocky Wirtz took over. He changed everything.

If there are any parallels it would be to comparing the Blackhawks commitment to winning under Bill Wirtz, how the club was operated and its relationship to the fans with how Kroenke operates the Avalanche, it's commitment to winning hockey and it's relationship to the fans. That would be the more interesting parallel and comparison.

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