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04-05-2013, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by markrander87 View Post
Come on, we both know that this doesn't waste anything. There is only one puck in play so I don't see a scenerio where this will hurt them as a pairing at all. If anything it is a plus as they are both strong defensively, excellent skaters and can both rush the puck forcing opposing top lines to play well defensively against them.

When do both defenseman ever rush together at the same time anyways? Can you imagine the counterattack with both Red Kelly and Mike Grant on the ice together? Catching top lines on odd man rushes forcing them to think more defensively.

You are acting like I have Red Kelly paired with a one dimensional offensive guy who will be terrible at covering for him, this is clearly not the case.

I don't understand why you keep bringing up Dion Phaneuf?

I remember you trying to sell Morenz and even Joliat as larger players due to era, so if that's the case then Grant (who was larger then both of them) and who played 20-30 years before them has to be painted with that same brush.
He's not trying to say they won't be able to cover for each other, he's saying that they each may not be able to rush the puck as many times a game as they want because the other guy will be rushing. I think this is a fair point.

On the other hand, I think yours is a good point also...having two rushing defensemen will make it harder for opponents to key on either of them individually.

I find it hard to believe anyone would try to pass of Joliat as large...Are you sure he just wasn't saying that Joliat is larger than his real life height and weight?

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