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04-05-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDoctorLies View Post
I'm from Columbus. I grew up around hockey and in a hockey family. I've watched the Bluejackets for years, so I know what Brassard is capable of. He's not going to be asked to play a checking role on the third line in New York. He will likely see around the same amount of ice time on our third line and PP that he saw a night in Columbus. If he can produce about on par with his last two seasons in Columbus we will be more than happy to have him.

You apparently think there is no place for a guy like Brassard in the NHL. You have to remember that Columbus hasn't exactly been a beacon of decent hockey, well, ever. A lot of people on this board during the Nash trade saga were claiming that Nash was a much better player than his stats indicated and was dragged down by the pure awfulness that was the Jackets roster over the years. Why couldn't the same be true of Brassard, except on a smaller scale? Barring injury or significant improvement on Brassard's part he won't be seeing an opponent's top defensive pair aside from on the power play.

He isn't some savior for the Rangers but he most assuredly is not the "scrub" some people on this board have described him as.
Every player on every team has advocates and haters. It's life. I've been a big fan of Brassard and was sad to see him go but the reality is he ISN'T good on faceoffs, DOESN'T play well in all three zones and is NOT suited for the historical 3rd line role. Time changes and "line rules" change. Brassard is very good offensively - especially on the PP. He has amazing vision, hates to lose and has a great shot (just doesn't use it). CBJ fans became accustomed to behind the back, no look passes at our own blue line. That's a killer. He's improved since but he has yet to be consistent.

If you get consistency out of Brassard he has a chance to be a very good #2C. If not, he'll be a PP player and in Torts doghouse just like Gaborik. I'm a fan but try to be objective. The same came with Nash. And there was more Nash bashing by Ranger's fans than anyone on the board and those same fans now come to love the guy becuase they see the talent most CBJ fans tried to explain he had. Guess what, CBJ fans hated Nash too. That's just the way it is. No need to stick up for Brassard. You won't change opinions on here. I wish him well and hope the Ranges go 0-82 next year because I hate the fact I can't cheer "1940" any more! Damn Messier

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