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04-05-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by massivegoonery View Post
First off, my beef with Bolland is that he's not trying. He has absolutely zero interest in the offensive zone, doesn't bother to forecheck and skates in the opposite direction at the first sign that the Hawks might lose possession of the puck in the next thirty seconds.

Secondly, his career to this point was playing less minutes and with scrubs. Given that he's being dragged up and down the ice by one of the best offensive players in the entire league, he could get freebee points even if he never left the d-zone. This would imply, to me at least, that he's producing at a level far below his career norms.
It's called playing a responsible game defensively. I love to watch Patrick Kane on offense as much as the next guy, but he needs that kind of line mate with all the risks he takes. That kind of support will be needed in the PO's.

And MM:

We know your views on Bolland, okay? Why do you bother to keep repeating the same thing using slightly different wording? We get it, okay. You’re obsession is getting as annoying as the Kruger love shown by some last season. Please drop it.

And btw, I’m as critical as the next guy but I also cheer for all Hawk players to succeed. (my wife thinks I’m a bit too avid when I regularly yell at the TV with colourful language). I get the impression that you enjoy it when you see certain Hawk players struggle, especially Bolland. Do you? It certainly seems so.

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