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04-05-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by KeithBWhittington View Post
Your Career is what you make of it. Thats the best line of advice I'd offer Derick Brassard.

Not having enough talent on the whole team aside, Derick could have stepped up and tried to be a leader... He didn't. He could've taken criticism and benching/scratches/line demotions as learning experiences... He didn't.... He didn't have to be a (rumored) ringleader of both tank jobs on coaching (Hitch and Arniel)... But he (rumored) was.

He was given every oppurtunity, oddly enough, by a guy that didn't even draft him, to be something he'd never live up to...

When the book is written on Derick Brassard's career, it will be one of disappointment and unfulfilled potential Until about the half way point.... Where it goes from there, we'll see.

His game is His game. Its just not conducive to playing in a "checking role", and up until the trade, thats about the best minutes he should be garnering. This isn't the Quebec League anymore, this is the NHL.
Leader of the tank job? WTF? Was he telling Mason to suck? Telling Arniel to forget how to coach halfway through his time here? Did he **** off Carter and Nash or something?

I know he's gone, but jesus, you don't have to make things up to say his career here wasn't a great success/what it should have been. His play does a good enough job.

Truth should never get in the way of a good persecution complex.
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