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04-05-2013, 10:11 AM
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Seems like, suddenly, the goaltending choices for Sochi have become VERY interesting. It is possible (not probable, but possible) that none of the guys from Vancouver will be chosen from Sochi. Considering one of them is the reigning Olympics MVP, that would be monumental.

Miller's play since Vancouver hasn't been stellar, and he has a history of declining invites to the Worlds. I still think Miller is one of the top-5 goalies in the world when he's on his game, but there've been too many nights since Vancouver when he hasn't been. Not sure I blame him, he'd previously dealt with concussion issues and he's frustrated by being on the Sabres. I bet his game picks up next season when he (hopefully) is playing for someone else and we get to see the old Miller that we only see flashes of right now.

Quick has been pretty average this season. He'll still probably make the Sochi team given what he's done in the past but he needs to step it up if he wants to be the starter.

Thomas has probably talked, behaved, and aged his way out of consideration. The consensus best-in-the-world goalie two years ago now needs to play in the Worlds and be lights-out in the early part of 2013 just to even be part of the discussion, and even then he probably won't make it.

Meanwhile, Howard and Schneider have played very well this year (Howard's recent performance against CHI aside), as has Anderson when healthy. And Bishop has emerged as a legit #1. Perhaps Miller and Quick's spots aren't so secure after all?

I still think it will be Miller, Quick, and Schneider at Sochi but wouldn't be surprised if it would be something different.

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