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04-05-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by g00n View Post
I'm sorry, but have you been paying attention to this franchise for the last, oh, almost 40 years?

You can't think of ANY reason why Caps fans would be skeptical and guarded?
^^^^^^ This, this, one million times this!!!!

The Caps have played well enough to win the SE about 5 out of the last 6 years. That's basically what they are doing right now. But winning the SE has meant absolutely bupkis in the playoffs. Presidents Trophy = First round bounce. Favorable first round matchup = Swept in the 2nd round. 2-4 in game 7s.

GMGM hasn't fixed the flaws that lead to those playoff disappointments. He's tried. He's tinkered. He's even panicked and we're now on our 4th "system" (3rd coach) in 3 years.

Everyone on here would freely admit we're playing better than the team that started this season in last place. Big effing deal. What the veteran Caps fans are talking about is the fact that we're not playing like, or built like, a real Cup contender, and just sqeeking into the playoffs by virtue of the pathetic SouthLeast division doesn't satisfy them anymore. Sending a misfit roster with holes galore into the playoffs where every team we'll face will have a better record than us, is not cause for wild celebration. Is it better than finishing 9th? Sure. Will it really help us win a Cup? Not really. Did GMGM just mortgage our future a little because he believes this roster deserved investment in it today? Yep, that's what just happened, but we're still skeptical.

We've seen this movie before. We know how it ends. And if we're all wrong about it and we win the Cup this year, you can kick us all off the board... I'll take that bet and pay that price... happily.

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