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04-05-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by xifentoozlerix View Post
I find it hard to believe that some of the fans here could possibly reconcile all of the different reasons why they are unhappy with the Flyers' goaltending. Apparently Bryz sucks, Reese sucks, I suppose Lemelin sucked, something always sucks about the goaltending, but it is never the team defense that sucks according to these types of fans. That is never the reason a goalie looks terrible, it can only be the reason why goalies who actually suck ever look good. When Leighton got to the finals, he sucked. He really did. Leighton always did suck. But the team defense sure didn't suck that season.

BTW, did you know that Michael Leighton has the 4th best all time save percentage for any goalie in a Flyers sweater with >25 games played?

He sure wasn't the 4th most talented goalie to ever suit up for them....
Thank goodness someone making the same argument. The worst thing about all of this is the fact that Homer constantly makes these "franchise player" type of contract agreements then goes and hides. When he went and gave Bryz the big contract it was like a statement of "You are our goalie for the rest of your career," and if that is the case, BUILD AROUND HIM. Build the D around him.

Don't go get a weak, overpaid guy from CBJ that you tell the media, "He's one of two." Just letting Bryz know after 1 bad/less than average season and a shortened season with one of the worst Defensive situations that he is going to share the load with a guy who had one good year...that's how u fix goaltending.

It's so frustrating

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