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04-05-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
A lot of people still have a hard time giving him credit. I mean even Therrien said that he ''could become'' a very great Dman.
You hear people speak of him in the media and he's getting more credit from people you never thought you support him, but you still see hesitation in some.

I knew PK had the potential to be a top NHL player, I knew he could maybe challenge for the Norris on a great season at some point, and I knew it would happen sooner rather than later due to his crazy development progress (seems to develop 2years within one for the past few years), but I didn't think he had the potential to really become the NHL's best Dman but I believe it now.
He just looks unstoppable out there, and we're only talking about a 23yo. There's really no argument to be done that there's any other Dman in the NHL playing better than PK now. You can say some are equal, but better? No.
Such a special player, and as much as I'm trying to let it go, I can't believe some people didn't want him signed long term.
Well to defend Therrien, which I am not accustom to, in Montreal a great Dman is a player that will dominate night in and night out, year in and year out. I think what Therrien means by saying that Subban can be great, is that he may have his name up in the rafters with some other greats. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that is what I think he meant. Having a good year doesn't make you great. Having a great year doesn't make you great. (See Cheechoo)

Well the fact that a lot of people here have no idea how to run a business. They have no idea the logic of having a 7+ million dollar defensemen making less. The best part is there rebuttal: "If he deserves 7 a year, than I am happy that his cap hit is 7 a year..." I find it really disheartening that I took the time to explain how PK can make 7 a year at a cap hit of around 5.5, but they never seem to read how it works... With 2 contracts we can have him making the money he deserves while saving money. The last contract is back loaded. The next contract is front loaded. The 2nd contract ends when he is around 33-34, so an extension is always possible.

Anyways, it's just obvious to me that those who didn't want to sign PK long term either didn't watch him play, saw Gomez contract and were afraid that the scenario would repeat itself or quite frankly have no idea how to make a simple budget.

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