Thread: Great Britain: EPIHL and NIHL discussion thread
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04-05-2013, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by howeaboutthat View Post
Laugh all you want, your attempt to belittle my point rather than debate it only compounds the point.

Junior hockey and rec hockey aren't mutually exclusive. If parents get involved in hockey it can help develop a culture of hockey. It ceases to be an expensive hobby that parents sign their kids up for, which unless said child is very good, ends at 16/18 and becomes a familar, inclusive, part of family life.

Coming from a state where hockey is everywhere this is how high participation (and therefore quality at the top end, the goal of this discussions believe) is maintained. If you want this little old hockey backwater to develop into something more then it is an attitude that needs to be encouraged, not scoffed at.
Any changes to rec hockey would have minimal effect on junior development, if any at all. Rec hockey is already easily accessible anyway, it is by far the largest segment of the playing population.

You're completely missing the point, I accept we don't have the infrastructure or hockey culture, we will never have it, it is laughable to believe we will ever have it. The most important goal should be producing GOOD players by making the best of what we are given, which is not happening right now, quality not quantity. Changes to system at junior club level achieve this, not making rec hockey cheaper for the wobblers who start playing when they are adults.

Again I stress all my views are exactly that. My own. They do not represent or influence those of the governing body in any way.

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