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04-05-2013, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
I rather imagine Henrik Zetterberg would not be happy with this.

I also recall some folks getting really annoyed about Weber getting himself off the ice for 5 minutes in the first game of the year after scrapping with Jared Boll.
And while the Boll penalty was questionable, he was sticking up for a teammate who got leveled by Boll. That is what a captain and teammate is supposed to do. It set the tone for other teams and not many guys try that but I'm sure if Weber would be a little more physical/mean on the ice, less guys would even think or even try it.

I don't want Weber going off the ice with Boll since the talent level is so different but at the same time, if he does nothing, what does that say about him and his leadership? There is a fine line here and I wish he'd play closer to the Zetterberg line than the ho-hum line we see so often. You have a guy in the corner with the puck and a good angle to crush him, do it. Put down your really really fat money filled purse and hit someone with some force. Guys won't want the puck when Weber is on the ice and that's part of having a big mean defenseman like him. You think guys didn't think about Stevens when they were crossing the middle of the ice after he laid out Lindros? That's what you want, indecision and the thought in the back of your head of, am I going to get crushed any time soon? Hockey is physical as well as mental and emotional. I'd like a little more physical and emotional to match his vastly improved mental game. Is that too much to ask for?

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