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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
The problem with the Rangers is the lack of consistency. Not just in their play, but in the overall direction of the franchise. The guys we are building the team around are constantly changing. Just going back to the lockout, it was Jagr. And then we added Drury and Gomez and we were cup favorites! Then Jagr was too old/slow and wanted too much money. Let him go and make it Drury and Gomez's team. That didn't work, so we got rid of Gomez and got Gaborik. Then Drury fell apart and retired, so we got Richards.

Then we added Nash and we were cup favorites! That didn't work so we got rid of Gaborik and Richards has 1 foot out the door.

It's a revolving door. We have stability on the back end and in net, but we are constantly looking outside the organization for solutions to our scoring problems.

You can go back even further and look at guys like Lindros and Bure. At some point we need to develop our own elite offensive talent rather than picking up guys who have been in the league 7+ years and may not have that many good years left in them.
To be fair, we've always been built around Lundqvist since he established himself and we've pretty much run a philosophy of building from the blue-line out. The problem there is we've kind of stopped at the blue-line and for multiple reasons been unable to develop our own forwards at a rate necessary to get the depth we need in a hard-capped league.

The other thing to consider is, we were kind of built to tank the lockout season. It was Jagr and the nobodies. While we ended up with Staal, we really were positioned for Crosby/Ryan. That changes a whole lot.

Not to be forgotten either is that with Jagr's resurgence and Lundqvist's quick dominance we sort of sped through the early stages of the rebuild (that Sather was willing to, uncharacteristically, go through). So that absolutely messed with the level of talent in the organization, too.

For the sake of argument, let's say that at the '04 deadline someone ponies up for Jagr, so he's shipped out with Kovalev, Leetch, etc. Or let's say that the '04-'05 season happens and we get a top-3 pick as the Jagr/Dunham disaster likely would have. Ryan or Crosby with Lundqvist is a dream core.

I know every team can play the what if game, but the lockout kind of killed our rebuild. That one extra bad year before Henrik would have come over is the "star" homegrown player we'd have been looking for. Well, Cherepanov too, but that's out of our hands, and Torts would have run him out of town.

I realize that was a stream of consciousness ramble, but I think the point comes across. We've been built around Lundqvist since the '04 deadline sell off and, because of an odd bit of circumstances, that's been both a blessing and a (figuratively) disadvantage. We're one bad year of sucking (be it '04-'05 or '05-'06) from being a powerhouse, and we were positioned to do just that, but Jagr's all-time great season and Henrik got in the way.

EDIT: To clarify, I say "built around Lundqvist since the '04 deadline sell off because Sather not only dangled Jagr but was willing to deal him as well. It was never Jagr's team, he just kind of made it his.

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