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04-05-2013, 02:04 PM
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I don't think the issue is whether the team is mediocre or successful. The underlying issue here is the lack of progression year in and year out. The expectation isn't to simply make the playoffs, or at least it shouldn't be. The expectation should be to compete for a Cup or be building a cup contender. Nobody wants to build a team that's just good enough to be bounced out of the first round in the playoffs, and unfortunately that's what we seem to be doing.

The real problem, at least in my eyes, is that this team seems to be unable to address the problems we have with the roster in a measured and calculated way. We need toughness, so the team spends the highest pick it's had in 8 years on a kid who is tough as nails, but is at least 3-4 years away from having an impact on the team. We need scoring, so we trade pieces of our depth for another scorer, but fail to address the holes we created. We need to get tougher, so we use up some high draft picks in order to acquire a power-forward who has some major question marks about his health and ability to regain form.

I don't mind building a team and getting knocked out early in the playoffs, but there has to be some sort of plan in place. Otherwise, what's the point? It's not throwing **** at the wall and hoping something sticks, but it sure as hell isn't too far off. Each year it's an off-season "retool" and by Feburary it's "we need to add a PPQB and a center". Then we get ousted in the playoffs and then it's "Let's add <free agent here> and let the kids fill in the holes." Fall rolls around and those kids don't fill the holes, and we're right back to square one.

We're teetering on Einsteins definition of insanity here. 9 months ago we were running away with the Cup on paper, and here we are two days removed from adding 4 new pieces to our roster with two weeks left in the season desperately clinging to a playoff spot.

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