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04-05-2013, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
I could care less what he does next year. He can score 50, he wasn't going to be a New York Rangers player beyond the draft this summer anyway.

Alot of you guys need to realize that his salary space was going to be needed to ensure that we keep our RFA's AS WELL as add the lost depth in the Nash trade. Keeping Gaborik beyond this season was never the plan.
First of all, why do you assume people don't realize this just because they don't agree with the trade (which I already stated I actually do)?

Next I think it's shortsighted not to care what he does next year, since he's in our division
As for knowing if this trade helps or huts any time soon? We will know if we win 8 of our remaining 12 games. That is something we have not been able to do WITH gaborik in the line up

We will know if our offence at ES and on the PP starts to produce in key spots where it wasn't getting the job done while Gabby was here.
The team was starting to play better with Gabs in the lineup so I wouldn't say that. The Gaborik trade wasn't the only factor last night, the additions of Zuc and Clowe played a part too and if they get hot now it's too simple to credit it to the trade.

Agree with the rest of your post.

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