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04-05-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Lord of Bones View Post
Actually, no. I replied to something Ubi posted, and was making fun of him for not knowing the difference between the Hindenberg and Charles Lindbergh. We were actually texting about it and it turned into somewhat of an inside joke. So really, you're taking it out of context and now somehow your ego has turned it into something about you (which is not surprising) and how we are trying to insult you. If I want to insult, I won't be subtle about it. I will just do it. You just keep trying to make it about you.
So, an inside joke is supposed to make sense to the rest of us? You posted something insecure and ***** immediately after my team was virtually eliminated from the post-season and now I'm trying to make it about me? Has anyone ever told you, you're a rather confusing person? Also, I find it amusing you got such a hard-on for a perennial basement team, relax guy it's fantasy hockey.

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