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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
Making the playoffs is equivalent to competing for the Cup?
You want more from a sports team than I do but no matter what sports are just entertainment same as any tv show or whatever. If I am entertained it is a success. To entertain me and qualify as competing for the cup making the playoffs is the bare minimum. However this year was a rare exception because the quality of play was so low that I was miserable in a PO spot. So year to year, individual to individual the definition of success and what qualifies as "competing for the cup" differs. The only way to be fair here is to recognize this.

I don't think it's right or fair to insinuate that someone is wrong or a bad fan (not that you did but I've seen that done before) just because they don't demand more from a sports team.

Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Making the playoffs doesn't mean very much when all but one postseason appearance is as a low seed. Why? Because low seeds almost never win Stanley Cups!

A low seeded playoff team is an average team. More teams make the playoffs than don't. Making the playoffs is not an accomplishment.

And it is amazing to me how people try to hold this team to the same standards as every other team.
It doesn't mean much to you as an individual fan but it does mean a lot to others. The quality of play throughout the year determines whether I am satisfied with just squeaking in. The quality of this years teams play was so horrendous that a ouster in round 1 would have pissed me the hell off. Hell regardless of the PO's this reg season has been horrendous one of the least enjoyable ever for me in watching or participating in any sport

I feel for fans who are starved for a championship because I used to be like that (I just naturally don't feel that way anymore). Especially if you spend a good chunk of money. So your personal expectations and evaluations of success are correct as it pertains to you but clearly others have differing expectations. it's an interesting thought to me at least who is to say what's a right or wrong expectation since we do absolutely nothing to influence the outcome?

You also bring up a good point in the unquoted giant post above.

If we have made the PO's as much as we have are we better than a team that has made the ECF 3 times and the SCF once? Again i guess it's up to the individual to decide. like you mentioned how being one of the 10 or 12 best is a miserable standard but again I believe it's a miserable standard to you personally (and likely many fans) but that doesn't mean it's a miserable standard, period b/c it's based on how an individual fan feels.

One of my favorite shows is Ninja Warrior (sounds goofy but it's phenomenal TV) The whole premise is failure and progression. Failure in stage 1 for one guy is a horrible letdown meanwhile just beating a single obstacle is seen as reason to cheer greatly with another guy.

I guess it's all about context and when a team has the advanatges we have had I understand fans being bitter with anything less than a cup.

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