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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
You can't deny that that sequence which began with an over aggressive Erat was history changing for us though. And for the record - he was awesome in that series.
I can deny because I can't predict the future. You are assuming we would've won another game. You are assuming that Chicago wouldn't have gotten the puck back anyway. And you are assuming we wouldn't have gotten pummeled in the 2nd rd... etc, etc

Erat was the only reason we were in that game, with his 2 3rd period goals. So for people to be still fixated a turnover that was partially his fault 180ft away from the goal... I think it's not right.

For people to be kicking him on the way (the same people starting "positivity" threads), I think it's not right.

He's done way more good than bad, and a big reason for the success this franchise has had.

On top of that, we should be really thanking him for requesting a trade and forcing Poile to make the kind of move this franchise has needed for years. And giving a list of 10 team including Washington who's currently out of the playoffs-- unheard of for someone with a NTC.

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