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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Subban IS on his bridge contract, and just like Price & Pacioretty before him, he'll sign a big deal at some point next year.
Not the same scenario. Price was fighting with Halak for starting role, he didn't deserve his big contract until he got it. Pacioretty is the same exact thing. He even said it himself that playing in the minors was much better for his development than playing 4th line minutes with JM. Subban is the only player who progressed and showed what he could do. Max and Price both had BIG question marks that Subban didn't.

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
I don't see why it's important to have a star player at a discount...I don't know of any teams who have star players at a discount??? (Unless they're on an ELC of course, and it could be argued that Crosby is at a discount I guess)
Just because you have yet to see a precedence, does not mean it is a bad idea. Having star players at a discount opens up so many posibilities when trying to acquire other assets. If you told Subban that this season he would make 3 and in the last year of his deal he would make 7, do you truly believe that is considered nickle and diming? I believe that is managing your cap situation. Also Letang only makes 3.5 M.

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Star players get paid...that's how it works. I'll never understand fan's obsession with having players on thrifty deals. Habs will have a lot of money available to spend this summer but there are no attractive UFA's and even if there were, the chances they sign in MTL are very slim.
He would get paid! Instead of having this bridge deal, you create it into a long deal. instead of 5.75 for 2 years, 34.5 over 6 years. This way he makes the money he deserves (7+ million) and he also has a cap hit that is easy to manage. WIN WIN! It's not an obsession, its managing your roster. I would never sign Gallagher to the same deal I would offer PK, PK is one of a kind and I am behind him 100%. As good as Gally has been, too many intangibles to give him a long term deal so early in his career. You have to manage each player individually.

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
This idea that the Habs must save money on Subban's contract so that they have more hypothetical money to spend on hypothetical free agends borders on absurdity IMO.
It isn't only for UFAs but for our own players. Subban isn't the only player to be getting a raise. The Gallys, Emelin, Eller... Having an extra million from the cap helps you keep your own roster players.

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Bergevin pretty much told Subba...we know you're good, prove it to us and you'll get paid. He's proving it, so Habs will have to pay.
Well I don't believe that you didn't see this coming. Subban was worth the risk in January and he showed us exactly that. He works his ass off because he wants to win, not for money. Some posters said he was being greedy for holding out, well the guy knows what he is worth and thought he could get a long term deal now and save the headache in the future. I am one who does not believe he is playing for a new contract. Subban is a winner and will earn every penny. I just believe the risk of Subban being a bad player, was non existent. At 5.75 M, even if he wasn't a Norris candidate, he would still be worth it.

Subban has been great since day 1. Sure we have seen him make mistakes. Sure he isn't perfect. But the man wants to play in MTL, he wants to win in MTL. Nothing will change my mind that the bridge deal was a bad idea. When I looked at defensemen to put my offer together, Subban last year was worth around 4-4.5 M a year. This year he is playing like a top 5 D in the NHL (forget just points, include injured players, he is top 5). 5.75 M puts him tied with Markov for 14th highest paid D.

You need to forget the stigma of trying to be cheap. It's called building a winning franchise. Extra money for the cap will do wonders to bring in players. Instead of signing The Cube for 1.5, having an extra 1.5 lets you go out and grab a D that makes 3 M a year. You have a significant upgrade at D just because you managed the cap properly.

417 you're a logical guy. Whether you agree with me or not is irrelevant. But try and forget the dwindling of some posters who will not explain the idea thoroughly. I want Subban to make the 7+ he deserves, I do not want to go any way around that. What I would like to do is make the contract start when he deserves less and end high and start the new contract high and finish lower as he approaches the end of his career. Manage the cap, don't let the cap manage you.

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