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Originally Posted by HansH View Post
Never really looked into selling it - I figured that anyone interested in the data could do what I did - go to the various league websites and a combination of manual data entry and some automated data retrieval... but if you know of a market let me know

I'd actually somewhat considered trying to just hand it all over to Ralph Slate for, but I don't think I have it in a schema that would easily work with his amazing work.
You underestimate how lazy some people are, especially when it comes to using a calculator

Sports media would be a great first place, but a lot of media outlets would be all for it just for use relating to their own team and how they compare to the rest of the league, especially from historical angles. If you wanted to see how your championship year attendance spike compared with past attendance spikes from past champions, your site is very manageable and with one click of a button, you can easily look that info up. I know when I was i the media, one angle I would have looked at if I was covering the Kings was how would attendance be impacted following the Stanley Cup. Now it may not have been, but if so, I could use past Cup champs spikes, as told on your site, to support my claims.

Stats have a great market in media because people love reading numbers. I think that's the only reason why most players +/- stats are even discussed anymore. It's a number that catches peoples eyes, and most people aren't educated enough in hockey to understand how useless +/- is in general.

When I was in the newsroom, that was one of the first things you got from anything, whether it was a crime story, sports, kids reading books, whatever you were covering. Get the numbers. People can understand and relate to numbers, at least in their own mind. It shows in the popularity of this thread, people come in here in a panick when we lose, only to see you say we need a .318 winning percentage to claim a playoff spot (based on projected final standings) and they calm down, because they can relate to what it takes to go .318 the rest of the way.

Anyways, sorry to ramble on. Just hoping you can milk a few dollars from your sweat equity. Keep up the good (free) work on HF!

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