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Head Coach: Jacques Demers
Captain: Bob Gainey
Ass. captains:
Viacheslav Fetisov
Guy Carbonneau

Our top three lines is gonna play equally much, the fourth is for just for relief 5-on-5. A little less playing time means higher tempo to do what they do best.

Brendan Shanahan-Max Bentley-Dany Heatley
It's important here that we have two physically strong players to play with Max who will have the puck most of the time. Shanny of course can shuffle a little and bounce a rebound in or three, Heatley will be looking for areas to shoot from.
Conserning Heatley: I dont think he has problems with knowing his place when playing behind, or beside other Star Players. Look no further than his time on Team Canada. He knows what he's relatively worth for a teams offence and asks only that. I've met him two times and he's amongst the best there is amongst players.

Daniel Sedin-Vladimir Petrov-Claude Lemieux
Sedin is going to be able to utilize more of his pretty solid playmaking here, i'm sure he and Petrov can keep the puck between them just as much as he does with Henrik, only here we have two legitimate shooters, not counting Claude that is. Petrov will kind of play the role of Phil Esposito on this line in terms of offense and he will be provided the puck just as Phil got it. Claude will be making some room and dig out the puck out of the corners, also going to the net. This is Claude Lemieux we're talking about and with premier playmakers like these he can even score some from outside as well from time to time.

Bob Gainey-Guy Carbonneau-Bobby Schmautz
Here we see a third line that is going to play a lot of minutes. We obviously got two of the greatest defensive players of all time here, and although this line is not super-talented offensively, we count on them to not always come away with 0-0 against our oppositions best players, but also every once in a while go 1-1 through their speed and not the least Bobby Schmautz boomer of a shot as soon as he gets the puck around the offensive line. The two Selke champions will play lower while Schmaultz does his dirty job while waiting for a pass to let his crazy shot off. Maybe carve someone up every once in a while as well.

Simon Gagne-Andy Hebenton-Bengt-Åke Gustafsson
This line will not play much, but at the same time all out when at it becouse they will get to rest for five minutes afterwards. They do however have a nice combination of goal scoring and playmaking, certainly capable of seeing Gustafsson feed one of his two linemates the puck from the right side.

Reserves: Marcel Bonin and Tiger Williams
Tiger will join the fourth line when we feel it's needed either going up against a team of ugly players, or if we have payback to bring to someone from an earlier game.
Bonin on his side is capable to move into the lineup on the fourth line and if injuries occurs on the top lines he will take Hebentons place as the latter moves up the roster.

Viacheslav Fetisov-Paul Reinhart
This is not a top first pairing, but Fetisov will be asked to play his excellent balanced game to take some load of Reinhart, who is a positionally good player and obviously quite good offensively. Reinhart played in the 1981 CC and was asked to play in 84 but was injured.

Gary Suter-Ken Morrow
Suter will obviously be told to go all out on his ordinary game, do his offense and play his not totally bad, relentlessly gritty defensive game, while Morrow who covered for Potvin on the Islanders obviously will make up for what Suter lacks defensively.

Ulf Samuelsson-James Patrick
Here we have two really not that bad defensive players and a pair that at least can start the play.

Reserves: Jeff Brown and Alexei Gusarov. Depending on who gets injured these will take someones roster spot, both probably on the bottom pairing whoever gets injured while other players move up to replace the injured. We're talking Patrick replacing Reinhart or Morrow while Jeff Brown goes in with Samuelsson.

Glenn Hall
Vladimir Dzurilla

We're not gonna lie, Glenn Hall will play very much just as he's used to on the Black Hawks, but down the stretch Dzurilla will play some games to keep Hall fresh for the playoffs since he got a lot better there once he did not play all the regular season games. Even got a Conn Smythe out of it obviously.

Special Teams:


Vladimir Petrov-Brendan Shanahan-Max Bentley
James Patrick-Gary Suter

Petrov is a righty and will not only be able to playmake from this position but also ring a slapper home. Shanny plays much on the goalie and looks for rebounds. Patrick is also a righty and that's why he's here.


Daniel Sedin-Claude Lemieux-Dany Heatley
Paul Reinhart-Viacheslav Fetisov

Lemieux is on the goalie if anyone wonders why he's there. We got good shooting from the D:s as well as playmaking, and our two forwards not on the goalie are quite capable


Bob Gainey-Guy Carbonneau
Ulf Samuelsson-Viacheslav Fetisov


Simon Gagne-Bengt-Åke Gustafsson
James Patrick-Ken Morrow

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