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Originally Posted by TSA0402 View Post
And the same coach who ran him out of town, to the point he was willing to waive his NMC to Columbus. Its a what have you done for me lately league, unfortunately.

There must be some serious issues there, it wouldnt be surprising if this is a real motivator for Gaborik.
Both of them say there weren't serious issues and Tortorella went out of his way to praise Gaborik and say that he will miss him.

Originally Posted by Bardof425 View Post
This is the biggest change in his game. Because his feet are not as quick and likely his shoulder not being completely healthy his release has suffered. He is not suprising goalies and overpowering them with his shot. In his first year with the Rangers he scored mostly on snap shots that were either perfect or hit the goalie somewhere but had enough velocity to find their way into the net. He doesn't score like that anymore. His shot is routinely stopped without a rebound (he almost always shoots high) and his effectiveness on breakaways is gone. He will score some in Columbus because he still has good skills but IMO they are not elite anymore.
This was a definite worry and we'll have to see how it pans out in Columbus. His shot has looked very very lacking this season (except his slapshot is still good, he just hardly ever uses it) . It may be too early to tell if that's his skill falling off or if it's something he'll get back into shape over the summer. He *should* still be good around the net, he scored a lot of goals there last season, so even if his shot isn't what it used to be he will hopefully still score around the net for Columbus.

I also feel like his ability to carry the puck has taken a hit, for reasons unknown. Might be a confidence issues but he really struggled this year to have the puck on his stick for more than a second and it was very easy for defensemen to separate him from the puck. Very easy. From what I saw of last nights game, that is still an issues but he at least has had some more drive to the net in the past couple of games.

Originally Posted by Crede777 View Post
The important thing for Moore is that he gets playing time and does well with the coaches.

In Columbus this year he was a healthy scratch more than is probably best for his development due to logjam we have at defense. Contrast that with last year where, due to injuries, he lead CBJ defensemen in games played.
Basically as long as Moore doesn't consistently **** up and make horrible turnovers, Torts will give him some slack. Also, if he can effectively push the puck up the ice through the neutral zone, that will earn him a lot more slack. His skating ability already will grant him some leeway with Tortorella, because Torts really hates it when his defensemen are too slow to keep up defensively and can't move the puck effectively for the transition.

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