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Originally Posted by 210 View Post
I see you're familiar with it

You could have also added "never have anyone in front of the net and make brain dead passes on the power play". I also hate the drop/back pass while on the PP. It's worked exactly zero times this season (well, for works great for the opponents).

And while I'm on my soapbox, one other things that irks the heck out of me about the way the WorSharks play; they are forever passing the puck to a guy skating in the wrong direction or who is covered.
Sounds exactly like what the Sharks were doing. You would think the org would go "So the old system lost us pretty much every game, and the few we won were either in overtime or tight... this new system we are winning every game in regulation, and the fans are not booing constantly! Let's leave Worcester the way it is though".
Makes tons of sense...

Dunno if you watch many SJ games, but the Sharks have been playing a run and gun system for about 7 games now. It's a transition focused system that encourages fast zone entries and shoot-first. In the offensive zone they either skate the puck in or chip it deep, if they skate it in the shoot and crash the net hard. If the recover the puck then they slide it around to the open side and send it to the net, then crash the net. Defensively they are super aggresive on the puck carrier and blocking passing lanes.

Frankly, it's exactly the system I would use with this team, I just don't understand why they were not doing this before. Also, why they haven't told Worcester to use it.

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