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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
exactly, and after seeing Subban huge raise (after he took the bridge contract), MB wont have much of a hard time convincing other youngsters to take bridge contracts as they'll see first hand that it will pay off eventually, assuming they progress obviously.

THAT also gives you extra $ on the cap...

What wil you say in about two years if Gallagher keeps playing the way he is now ? give him his long term 3.7 Mil right now, we'll save in the long run ?
We will have to make the evaluation when the time comes. I love this kids effort, but I worry about his size in respect to longevity. He adds different variables to this discussion.

The thing about Subban is that I was sure he deserved it. Watching him play since his first playoffs, I was totally impressed by him. Yes there were moments of frustration, but he is still very young, it's very early in his career. I couldn't fathom a real possibility of him falling off and not playing up to at least a 5.75 M D. The worst case (sure other possibilities exist, he could be totally ****...) I saw for him was a similar role to Markov, although Subban is a bit better defensively (we are now talking in the future, worst case 28 year old Subban) but maybe not as good a first pass. His progress has been remarkable and his work ethic is very impressive.

For Gally, I will have to watch more of his game, he is still 2 years on his ELC.

Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Keeping ALL of your players is impossible...figuring out which one's to keep is the real challenge. But when it's time to pay guys like Price,'s going to cost. That's the nature of business today.

You're also right, having players take bridge contracts also helps MB's save some money on the cap. There are so many ways to manipulate the cap, ways that I don't think fans are able to comprehend. Worrying about the team overpaying here and there is pretty futile.
They are mutually exclusive! Saving money on a bridge deal and having your star player locked up for 6 years at 5.75 cap hit, but making his well deserved 7.5M salary is a real possibility! Not every player will get a deal like Subban, he is a one of a kind player. But have the ability to lock up a future star (we all saw it coming, who knew it was going to come this year).

I don't know how you can sit behind your computer and say that Subban is a Norris Trophy candidate but would not of paid him on a long term deal starting in January. The thing is I didn't need to watch these 30 games to know that Subban is the future of this franchise. How many teams can say they have their best D in one player? We have him already at 23. Personally, I thought PK deserves to be paid the equivalent of a 4 M player last year (looking at his stats, TOI, respnsabilties, etc) when compared to his peers. That being said, he is getting better, and I could see no reason for that trend to stop.

I know you want him to get paid for what he does on the ice. But why must his salary be the same value every year?

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