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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Subban IS on his bridge contract, and just like Price & Pacioretty before him, he'll sign a big deal at some point next year.

I don't see why it's important to have a star player at a discount...I don't know of any teams who have star players at a discount??? (Unless they're on an ELC of course, and it could be argued that Crosby is at a discount I guess)

Star players get paid...that's how it works. I'll never understand fan's obsession with having players on thrifty deals. Habs will have a lot of money available to spend this summer but there are no attractive UFA's and even if there were, the chances they sign in MTL are very slim.

This idea that the Habs must save money on Subban's contract so that they have more hypothetical money to spend on hypothetical free agends borders on absurdity IMO.

Bergevin pretty much told Subba...we know you're good, prove it to us and you'll get paid. He's proving it, so Habs will have to pay.
Price and MaxPac were signed to a bridge deal by another administration and they also had not proven themselves at all.
Price had lost the starting position to Halak and was coming off one of his worst years.
MaxPac had his faced bashed in with only one good half a season in.

Not sure how you can even compare them to PK. He was miles ahead of those two.

Maybe it's not super important to pay your stars less, but you don't need a PhD to know that, in a cap world, any money you can save will help you. Seriously, it's not that hard to understand.
Now, in the previous cap, I agree with you, it pretty much was irrelevant because teams were signing their stars to front loaded contracts. So, you could have Kovalchuk at a pretty low cap of 6.6M. If you wanted to give him the same amount under the new CBA, his cap hit would be 14.285M. Slight difference.
Obviously, there's no way he would have been offered 100M under the new CBA, but his cap hit would have been a lot higher, similar to Getzlaf and Perry.

So if you have a chance to lock up a young very promising talent like PK to say 4.5M/y right away, you don't wait until he's worth 7M+ to do so.

If you're always going to wait until your players are all great until extending them, then eventually you will lose players, and it'll make it harder to grab free agents.

Any move you can save, you do. Now, if we're talking about a guy like Eller, or even Galchenyuk, that hasn't proven much, then ya, makes sense to give them a bridge deal. But if Galchenyuk is centering our first line effectively by next year, like Subban was effectively shutting down opponents as our #1 Dman, then you don't need to wait until he wins the Hart trophy before giving him a long term deal.

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