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04-05-2013, 03:54 PM
I voted for Kodos
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Allright...well, the Laraque trolling has been fun, but I do agree that as our 4th spare he's probably marginally less valuable than an actual hockey player, so after very little consideration, I'm going to drop Georges Laraque.

Having Laraque instead of a hockey-playing RW didn't really concern me all that much because Montreal is a team with very few injury problems, especially at RW, and a couple of starters who play both wings (Doan and Klukay). But every team has a few guys who get banged up from time-to-time, and that's one thing I always try to address with choices of spares. Also, I think this team is a contender, and it would kind of bug me to see Laraque's name on the roster of a champion ahead of a more deserving player. The only guys on the roster I can see that had any kind of meaningful injury struggles are:

- Jeremy Roenick (two seasons ~ 15 games missed, knee)

- Bobby Rowe (looks like he struggled with a lower leg injury in the days before good shinpads)

- Sergei Kapustin (shoulder problems early in his career, but doesn't seem to have had chronic issues)

- Joe Klukay (got a bit banged up a couple of seasons it looks like, missed ~ 15 games twice)

- Troy Murray (generally got beat up due to his physical style of play)

We've got Thomas, Spezza, and Ley already to theoretically fill in for the LWs, Roenick and Rowe, but nobody who would be a good fit to step into the role Murray plays when he misses time. So I'm going to add a guy I thought was a fine player in his time, and a seventieslord favorite, Patrik Sundstrom, C/LW.

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