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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
Anaheim is the other.

Though, they both got their because of their skill and not because of fisticuffs.
Missed this on first read. Not necessarily true that they didn't rely on their grit... They had a ton of skill, yes. But they relied heavily on their hard-hitting play (bordering on extremely dirty), grit, and size. You don't have to have fights to take advantage of what those types of players bring - and they did just that in the western conference playoff series they had that year.

The team that they had the most trouble with that year in the playoffs was the #1 seed Red Wings, who arguably had a ton more skill on their team than the Ducks. The Ducks won by completely dominating them physically throughout the series - but especially after going down 2-1 in the series (Pronger/Neidermayer elbow sandwich to Holmstrom's head being one of the dirtier hits I've ever seen; pathetic that it only got a game for Pronger, but it was a different time I guess). They literally just pushed the Red Wings around. That series is a big part of why the Wings went out the very next season and picked up Brad Stuart for their blueline, picked up an aging Dallas Drake, and brought back Darren McCarty for the playoffs. And guess who won the Stanley Cup that year?

Those kind of players help in the regular season, but they are absolutely huge (pun intended) come playoffs.

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