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Originally Posted by DevilChuk View Post
Not really sure where I speculated as much as you claim about anything, or made any assumptions.. (or where I was biased, but that's okay.. meanwhile, I like how you don't bother responding to the Rangers fan that agreed with me ).. all I did was post his quote and say, as you pretty much agreed, Rangers didn't want Gaborik anymore.

There was obviously a rift between coaching/management and Gaborik. Whether that was disrespect or "not a torts kinda guy".. coaching/management didn't want him there anymore and Gaborik clearly felt that. From watching other interviews and how quickly he waived his no trade clause, I don't think the trade deadline was the first time he felt that animosity. It's been the writing on the wall for awhile this season.. many assumed he would be traded at the draft, don't think Gaborik and his camp came to the same conclusions?

Trades happen sometimes because they think the players they acquire will improve their roster.. and other times because a team thinks they need to get rid of a roster player for various reasons. I think this was a case of the latter though the Rangers got decent value. Gaborik was benched many times this season. He was demoted recently to the bottom 6 for a few games. Deserved or not, the message was sent loud and clear that Gaborik was no longer valued on the Rangers.

Big issue? Probably not or he would have been out sooner. I think this Rangers team with Gaborik (+ Clowe) is better (and a safer shot to contending) short-term than this Rangers team with Brassard, Moore and Dorsett (+ Clowe). Based on that, I was surprised they didn't wait until the draft to trade him.. especially since his value would have been nearly the same and they would have a better chance at getting a 1st round pick out of it.
I can't respond to your whole quote because I'm at work (****ing busy day) but I think the whole contract issue really scared the team. They saw a pretty good deal with 3 pieces that the Rangers actually really needed right now! So essentially they opened one hole while filling three. With Staal out they needed a D-man that wasn't as bad as Hamrlik and Eminger who have both been disasters. They had no grit this year, so Dorsett will help with that and Boyle/Powe as the 3rd and 4th centers just weren't cutting it.

So again, while i don't fully like the move in the moment, will see how it plays out. Gaborik needed to go in the off-season regardless, maybe they would have gotten a pick maybe they wouldnt have. Remember, Sather was involved with a similar deal just last year, but on the other side, in Nash. Nash's trade value went down at the draft and Howson ended up getting less than the supposed initial offer (per outside sources.)

At the end of the day, we don't really know, maybe a team throws out a big offer desperately, but I think they probably got as much as they thought they could, while filling significant holes and allowing flexibility to sign Steps, McD and Hags, and potentially Clowe as well.

Again, I think it's much more relative to the situation rather than any attitude/management hate towards Gabby. He was one of the best goal scorers to put on a Ranger uniform but sometimes the math just doesn't work in your favor.

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