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04-05-2013, 04:35 PM
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I moved away from Edmonton in 96, and I've lived in Vancouver, LA, and now Montreal.

Ummm. For starters your definition of 'Touristy' and an Edmontonians definition of 'Touristy' are COMPLETELY different. There is nothing that compares to the CN Tower in terms of spectacle. What you will get is a lot more 'naturalized' beauty.

It's a hop n' skip away from Banff/Jasper which are AMAZING Places to go in the Summers and Winters.

Jasper and White are happening for 'Edmonton' but coming from a metropolis like TO, it's comparable to Toronto's Grove.

There's an AMAZING food culture in Edmonton. Not nearly as ethnically inspired as Toronto's but there's usually a finalist from Top Chef Canada in the finals, a couple places featured on Eat Street, and the Legendary Lingnan restaurant, that had it's own show on the Food Network:

Also, the Steak is by far the best in the world. It's comparable to the sushi in Vancouver. If you ever move away from Alberta, you are going to realise just how bad the burgers and steaks are everywhere else in comparison.

By comparison you have to remember that Edmonton is a very small town. IMHO it is VERY similar to Ottawa in terms of ammenities, and lifestyle.

Also, most of the guys I know that have moved there and HATED it, were single guys 25-35. Most guys that moved there with their girlfriends/spouses/families love it there.

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